Anne Campbell

Anne takes great care in working closely with those who are grieving. Her skills in listening, empathy and compassion are what give Anne her sense of making each and every service perfect for your family.

Working in social care, Anne has a heart for everyone and understands how difficult the bereavement process can be for all ages. She knows that everyone has a different understanding of death and the afterlife and will be respectful always of your beliefs.  She truly wants to share a sense of hope, and encouragement that love lives on in our hearts, as we honour and remember those whose love we have shared in this life.

Anne takes great pride in making sure each member of the family is included. She is a great encourager, and will support you in all the choices you make. She always includes personalised elements for your loved one in the ceremony, by paying attention to what you choose for the service. Blessings, prayers, poems, lyrics and imagery can all be included if you wish.

Anne is a fully trained minister in the Church of England, and also a Good Funeral Celebrant. She can help with a both a celebration of life ceremony, or a more traditional funeral.

Just ask – its always YOUR choice.