A Celebration of Life

What does is mean to celebrate a life?
Celebrating a life is a good thing to do…

Looking back, sharing stories and memories, smiling and remembering happy times is good. This helps us to reflect on life, love and family… It reminds us to be grateful and thankful And we can do all of this at a funeral service, with love, dignity, respect and hope…

Hope after someone dies?
Because we share a belief that love lives on…

A Blessing for Life

What does it mean tor offer 'Blessing for Life'?
At the end of the ceremony, we need to decide what we say as we leave. How do we want to feel?
What will it be like to walk away?
Where have we left our loved ones? 

The Good Funeral Company offers a time for blessing as we close the service.
Giving words of comfort. So we know that that the essence, the soul, the spark of life that once shone bright in the heart of our loved one, is safely set free. We use language that is appropriate, we can pray, be quiet, speak of creation, nature and heaven, feathers, rainbows, stars and love hearts.

Many poems use this imagery - and words can give so much comfort. And as we say goodbye, we have 'blessed their soul forever' until we meet them again. that is loving, dignified, respectful and totally HOPEFUL.

Telling their story and saying thank you...

Our celebrants are here for you, to listen to what is special about your loved one. We will work with you to create a service which best suits your loved one and their beliefs. Collecting important anecdotes, family memories, personal achievements, adventures and relationships are some of the ways we celebrate life.

Along with special music, songs, readings and poems, we help you to create a space to say thank you. Our funeral services are personalised to celebrate the life of the individual. We will include everything that helps to 'tell their story and say thank you'.

Follow up memorial services and celebrations

We are proud to be part of the Diocese of Liverpool and to be able to offer the amazing space of Liverpool Cathedral for remembering and gathering.

Several times a year, we invite our families to special services to light candles, hear names read aloud, and blessings for them all. We celebrate life, love and hope. With poems, music, readings and prayer, your loved ones are never forgotten.

For those who have sadly lost a child, we hold special 'Embracing Hope' services. Names of babies and children can be included in the book of remembrance, and these intimate services, offer support, comfort and hope.

Our celebrants are also available to accompany you to anniversary celebrations, should you wish for a blessing. We can also provide ceremonies for scattering of ashes, and blessing of graves for birthdays, mothers day and fathers day. Just ask…