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Who are The Good Funeral Company Celebrants?

The Good Funeral Company celebrants come from a Church of England background. Good Funeral Company celebrants have been trained to create and conduct a personalised funeral, farewell and memorial services in a variety of styles and places. They understand the sensitivities regarding family dynamics and grief. Our celebrants are experts in their chosen field when it comes to creating ritual, ceremony and blessing. Each have vast experience and knowledge and are perfectly matched with your family.

We are inclusive, non-judgemental and trustworthy our celebrants understand confidentiality. They take good funeral services. The Good Funeral Company works with every Funeral Director in our region, and we are held in high regard. We offer good service, and good follow up care. 

Together, the Good Funeral Celebrants understand the way in which families come together to express grief and sadness, and how each member of the family needs an opportunity to be listened to, in terms of what they would like included in the ceremony. The team are always willing to include everyone in the conversations, children, siblings, friends and family.  In this way, we know that we can create the best ceremony possible.

To celebrate life, To honour memories, To encapsulate the essence of someone's character and who they have been.
Are all important aspects of a farewell ceremony.

The GFC takes all of these elements and writes a bespoke ceremony, incorporating a final farewell blessing and words of letting go. As we leave the gathered space, each member feels that they have helped to say goodbye, and the sense that they are safe, reunited, and forever in our hearts.

This is a GOOD funeral….and we are proud to help families create the very best for their loved ones EVERY time. 

Our Celebrants

Rev Juliet Stephenson

Juliet has been ordained for 16 years, and has vast experience of parish ministry and pastoral care. She assists on the Archbishops’ Council for ‘Life Events’ and has supported training and facilitated best practice working across many regions in the UK.

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Tracey Rogers

Tracey is one of our full time funeral celebrants. Tracey comes from a background of counselling and social work. She has a great amount of knowledge and experience of Liverpool Cathedral and plans the memorial services for the company.

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Anne Campbell

Anne takes great care in working closely with those who are grieving. Her skills in listening, empathy and compassion are what give Anne her sense of making each and every service perfect for your family.

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