What kind of funeral can I have?

‘We wanted our mum’s service to be just like what we had for our dad. Mum helped choose the right things for him. We feel we ought to honour her life, by doing the same for her…’ Michelle from Liverpool

Sometimes it seems fitting and appropriate to express farewells with familiar words.

A sense of comfort and tradition, that ‘we have been here before, and here we are again’ doing for our loved ones, what they chose for ‘their’ loved ones.

The Good Funeral Company can help you recreate a service that reflects elements of your family traditions, uses words of hope, readings and prayers that you will recognise. Comforting to know that what you have done, is what they would have wanted. Sending them off to the next world, with love, respect and blessing. 

Celebration of life

‘Our dad was young at heart, he lived an amazing life, we want to celebrate everything about him that made us love him, and laugh with him. Of course we are sad, but we want his service to make us smile…’ Jimmy from Huyton

The time spent preparing what we do at a funeral, is always worth while. Your celebrant will help you get the balance right, to celebrate with wonderful memories and stories. Music that shares the joy of life. And poems and readings that pay tribute to a life well lived.

We can take the time to reflect, laugh, smile and be thankful. The ceremony is your way, to honour a unique life. The time spent in the service, is used well, to focus on your loved one. We will help with this celebration. Looking back and giving thanks. And we can also look forward with hope as we offer a farewell blessing.

Quiet and intimate

‘He didn’t want any fuss, just the closest family. A few words to send him on his way to be reunited with his family in heaven…..’ Colin from Crosby

Sometimes the journey we make accompanying someone's end of life, gives opportunity to find out what they really want.

A small gathering, can also be a beautiful thing.
Focussing on the very heart of the loved one, and what was important to them.
With music, and a few words… With some time to sit and reflect…
Your celebrant will help to make the service everything you need to help you say goodbye. 

It is always your choice…