Once we arrive at the crematorium, the hearse will wait beside the entrance. Your Funeral Director will instruct the pall bearers to carefully move the coffin, as we follow on behind to take our seats.

You can have music playing as we arrive, and also during the service and at the end. The music is always your choice. Your funeral celebrant can help with suggestions if you need any assistance.

The ceremony is led by your celebrant, and anyone who has been encouraged to speak, read a poem or give a tribute, does so from the lectern at the front of the chapel.

There are curtains in front of the coffin. You can choose whether you would like them to close during the final song as you say farewell. Some families prefer the curtains to remain open. Again, its your choice, just speak to your celebrant who will ensure your wishes are followed.

At the end of the service, we leave with a sense of hope.

We haven’t left your loved one behind – we take their memory with us in our hearts.
If you have chosen to have a farewell blessing, we send their soul into the hands of God and into the arms of their loved ones, and we continue to feel their love within us.